Business Units

The Sapec Group comprises a core business and three additional businesses:

• Agro Business:
- Crop protection

This business consists of post synthesis, solid and liquid formulation, packaging and distribution of crop protection products primarily in the Iberian Peninsula market. The product portfolio consists mainly of generic products distributed under the brand names of Sapec subsidiary companies, Sapec Agro (PT) and Selectis in Portugal and Sapec Agro (ES) and Tradecorp in Spain. Together, the four companies make Sapec the third player overall in the crop protection sector in the Iberian Peninsula, but the first non-multinational player. Exports are mainly for the French and Italian markets.
This product portfolio consists of a range of fungicides, herbicides and insecticides, produced mainly for the Mediterranean crops, to meet the multiple needs of farmers. This business operates an industrial site with research and control laboratories in Setubal (PT) and two logistic centres in Spain (Valencia and Albacete).
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Since 2009 and following the investments applied in European homologations, 70% of turnover is today generated from our own active ingredients and formulated products.
- Crop nutrition

This business is involved in the production, including the synthesis of chelates, and sale of a wide range of products which provide integral solutions in crop nutrition, targeting principally the horticulture, viticulture, floriculture and orchard sectors.
The main components of the range are liquid and solid chelated trace elements, bio stimulants, humic acid, amino acids and specific correctors.
This business, close to the terrain, has a range of products in continuous development, allowing it to constantly bring innovative solutions to farmers in the world, who seek to increase the quality and yields of their crops through a balanced nutrition.

The production is based in Spain in two different locations and the products are sold worldwide through our own commercial teams in the Iberian market, Europe, the Middle East, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Asia and through agreements with local distributors in more than 60 countries worldwide.
• Industrial chemicals and environment
This business is involved in the production (products for water treatment), packaging and distribution of chemical products for the Portuguese industry, more specifically for the construction, automobile, paper, environmental and chemical sectors. Sapec Química heads this activity and operates through an industrial and logistical platform in Setubal, and a logistic platform in Ovar, situated in the north of Portugal.

In the environment sector Sapec operates through CITRI (Integrated industrial non-hazardous waste treatment Centre) in Setubal, which specializes in recycling, recovery and disposal of non-hazardous industrial waste, and follows a policy of making investments in other sub-sectors of industrial waste.

• Agro commodities distribution
This business in Spain ensures a significant activity in importing and distributing agro commodity raw materials such as cereals, cereal substitutes, soya and other proteins for animal feeds.

At present, the Spanish subsidiary Interpec Ibérica is one of the major players on the market.

• Logistics

This business focuses today on two different activities: the port handling activity in Setúbal, represented by the Sapec port terminals of solid and liquid bulk products, and the 55% stake in Navipor, the port handling company, which in turn holds a 40% stake in the dock labour company Operestiva; and the multimodal land-based terminals of SPC (Valongo to the North; Bobadela and Póvoa in Lisbon; Setúbal to the South of Lisbon) offering integrated logistic services for container cargoes such as storing, repairing, consolidation /deconsolidation, warehousing and distribution. All these land based terminals have their own railway connections.
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• Others

Real estate is not, as such, one of the Group’s activities.

The Group owns more than 100 hectares of industrial land in Setúbal, of the 300 hectares of the industrial park, and about 100 hectares for tourism in Lousal, in Portugal. These assets are not directly allocated to the operation of the Group’s different businesses, and are therefore considered as non-operational and can be sold.

The Group also owns office space in Lisbon.

Sapec holds a 49% stake in the company Energia Limpia Invest (ELI), which owns 99.59% of Tharsis S.A.  The latter owns real estate and forest land in Spain, and a 58.61% stake of Naturener, the parent company of a group of renewable energy companies in Spain and North America.

Over the following pages, the reader will find the key figures of the Group broken down per sector and per country as well as an organisation chart of the different companies by businesses and their geographical locations.