Mission Statements

Established in 1926 as a mining and chemical company, Sapec expanded into various industrial and service sectors becoming an industrial holding group controlling and managing various businesses.

As an investor, the Sapec Group pays particular attention to generating value by pursuing the following objectives:

• managing a diversified portfolio of activities capitalising  on the Group’s skills and know how in the fields of agriculture, chemical products, animal nutrition, logistic services and renewable energy;
• giving priority to the Iberian Peninsula market, without excluding other markets with strong potential for specific businesses;
• creating sustainable competitive advantages through the acquisition of a leadership position or by developing niche markets;
• selecting business sectors with growth potential.

This policy is based on:

• a systematic and close follow-up and support of the businesses in which the Group has invested, particularly those in which it has a majority shareholding;
• considering the businesses as autonomous profit centres responsible for their own cash flow, within the framework of defined return requirements, and which are able to count on the Group for support and financial solutions.

This policy expresses the aim to create value for shareholders with a view to ensure stable and regular dividend payment increase.