Let us tell you a little bit about the Sapec Group. This family-run company was founded in 1926 and is deeply-rooted in Portugal. Set up initially to exploit the pyrite mines in the Alentejo, the Group gradually integrated vertically in the production and commercialization of a wide range of products for agriculture. It entered the Spanish market in 1961 following the acquisition of the Tharsis mines in Andalusia and underwent a far-reaching restructuring process after 1988, becoming an investment holding company with interests in various fields of activity with synergies and complementarities.

The company subsequently branched out into new activities, such as the import and distribution of agrocommodities in Portugal in 1985 and in Spain in 1987; the import and distribution of chemical products for industry in 1989; the development of port activities, warehousing and logistics, initially in Setúbal (1983), but later extended to the whole country with the acquisition of a controlling interest in the company SPC (Serviço Português de Contentores) in 1991. Simultaneously, in a successful venture capital operation, the Group gained a foothold in the mini hydroelectric power plant sector in Spain, after acquiring a controlling interest in Guadalmancha with the Spanish financial group Caja Castilla la Mancha. More recently, the Group has moved into the environmental field in Portugal (treatment and recycling of industrial waste), which offers new prospects for growth.

Today, the Group has successfully achieved its reconversion from a mining and chemical company to an industrial and services holding company with a stable but varied string of complementary activities, which are mainly established in Portugal but increasingly in Spain. The Group has set up specialised, competent structures and teams in each of its business areas, which all operate autonomously, enabling it to achieve a major critical mass and significant market shares. Listed since 1926 on the Brussels Stock Ex change, the company enjoys a stable and prestigious shareholding structure(Velge, Espirito Santo and ParibasCopeba Groups) ensuring the necessary durability, professionalism and entrepreneurship, key ingredients of success in the XXI century.

In future, the Group will remain faithful to its vocation as an investor in Portugal and Spain, seeking on the one hand to increase the critical mass of its traditional activities from an Iberian market perspective and, on the other, developing its range of activities in order to create a greater added value in distribution and services.